How to deal with German travel visa

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Visa regulation

Chinese citizen because illicit go to Germany to deal with visa, can undertake through two channel, it is to entrust Chinese travel agent to do sth for sb, the person that go abroad can give him passport with concerned certificate them, fill in the circumstance that the form place that applies for visa needs to offer, include full name, sexual distinction, birth date, marital status, home permanent address, unit of address, job reachs end of post, journey now, linger deadline. Another way is, the passenger is headed for directly heart

The country is stationed in China diplomatic mission deals with visa.

Visit one's family travel visa

(One) , application goes to Germany to visit one's family the formalities of visa

German immigration laws sets the person that have one of following conditions, can visit his family toward Germany before application:

(The spouse of 1) Germany citizen;

(The parents of 2) Germany citizen (include foster parent) , children (include to raise filial) ;

(The brotherly sister of 3) Germany citizen (include half-blooded or different father is the same as brotherly sister) of the mother;

(4) is other the foreign citizen that suits German law provision to be able to visit his family.

(2) , application goes to Germany to visit one's family the material of visa

(1) is believed in the invitation of relative friend of Germany;

(The relative friend that 2) is in Germany issue, management board of course place foreigner or the economic deed of security with lawyer notarial place;

(The relative relation that notary organization of 3) applicant seat issues proves;

(4) applicant is healthy proof (enter a country to exceed 3 months habitat need this card, do not exceed 3 months habitat do not need this card) ;

(The Chinese passport with valid 5) ;

(6) fills in visa application form (do not exceed 3 months habitat fill 2, of more than 3 months fill 3) , the beard on application form sticks a photograph.

Afore-mentioned proof material, the applicant can entrust Chinese travel agent to do sth for sb pass on embassy, also can use mail means hands over Germany to be stationed in China embassy or Shanghai consulate.

Travel visa

Application period of efficacy does not exceed the German travel visa of 3 months, must hand over the following material and accord with following condition:

(1) fills in seriously and affix the maize application form of the photograph, one type 2;

(2) valid passport;

(Of the some travel agent of 3) Germany book a proof, travel schedule must mention expressly in the proof arrangement, roundtrip reach accommodation circumstance with local traffic, organization tourist needs those who have an individual to book a proof () of circumstance of hotel, journey;
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