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Yesterday of net of the journey that carry Cheng discloses, 11 during, the airline ticket that Wuhan flies to travel city will " both ends becomes warped " . Especially on September 29 that day (the golden week first days) airline ticket is the most expensive, the citizen mights as well consideration wrong peak gives a money that save a dot.

According to introducing, came 30 days on September 29, airline ticket of each travel town can rise considerably. Airline ticket can mount highest peak on September 29. Peak of price of return airline ticket will appear on October 4, 5 days.

Begin from September 29, wuhan is flown to 3 inferior, the airline ticket of the popular travel destination such as Qingdao, Kunming, Xiamen, go up more than 30% . Among them, 29 days of Wuhan fly 3 inferior it is total value 1600 yuan; Wuhan arrives the airline ticket of Qingdao, Chengdu, Xiamen, also be in basically 9 fold above, go up a ferialer lowest price more than 100% . Wuhan flies to Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing to wait to also have rise apparently.

On October 4, 5 days, 3 inferior, the Guilin, Xiamen return airline ticket that set out rises quickly again, airline ticket is more nervous even. 3 inferior reaching Wuhan also is total value 1600 yuan. Xiamen, Qingdao flies to Wuhan, maintain basically also 9 fold total value.

The personage inside course of study discloses, arrived 3 days on October 1, airline ticket is relatively cheap. Partial route drops amount to even 50% . If Wuhan flies on the sea, Guangzhou, Kunming to 2 fold airline ticket, wuhan flying Chengdu, Nanjing, Qingdao, 3 inferior 5 fold the following airline ticket. If time of go on a journey can be arranged neatly, the journey mights as well make slightly adjust, can save many money.

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