Cold heat of National Day airline ticket not all Guangzhou flying Hangzhou had 3

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The reporter learns, the airline ticket price that the city travels toward each before Guangzhou came 30 days on September 28 between appear to rise considerably, and peak of returned airline ticket price appeared on October 4, 5 days.

Begin from September 28, guangzhou flies to Chengdu, 3 inferior, the airline ticket price of the popular travel destination such as Xiamen, Kunming, Li Jiang rises considerably, go up more than 30% , especially on September 29, fly to 3 inferior, the price of airliner airline ticket of 3 ground maintains Xiamen, Li Jiang basically total value. But the near future, 22 days arrive 27 days between, still special offer ticket sells, lowermost discount from 2 fold 3 fold.

The reporter inquires on the orgnaization that order a ticket understanding arrives, on October 4, 5 days, 3 inferior, the airline ticket price that the travel city such as Xiamen, Li Jiang returns Guangzhou rises quickly again, appear even the circumstance of airline ticket insecurity. But the price is not the airline ticket during National Day to upsurge all the time, during arriving 3 days on October 1, airline ticket price appeared to drop considerably, of partial route drop achieved even 50% . Fly to Xi'an, Hangzhou, 3 inferior, the airline ticket that the airliner of many course such as Wuhan all has 3 to fold the left and right sides appears. The airline ticket that is the same as each big travel circuitry goes up to be compared greatly, the airline ticket price that flies to city of each business affairs is relatively stable, did not rise basically.

During the golden week, the airline ticket of Taiwan is very popular, will 4 airliners fly to Taipei, was on September 26 respectively, on September 28, mixed on October 3 on October 5, and one-way price is controlled in 1500 yuan (contain duty) , roundtrip price is controlled in 2200 yuan probably (do not contain duty) , be the same as common price basically identical. Additional, the reporter understands, the airline ticket that flies to Taipei has sold now went out most probably above, for instance the airline ticket October 5 has sold went out 9 into above.

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