Western line of much part of discount of airline ticket of aviation National Day

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Net of civil aviaton resource on September 22, 2008 message: Give a demand to satisfy citizen of National Day golden week, pass on broad passenger, western aviation is finite liability company (West Air Co. , ltd. , the following abbreviation " western aviation " ) a series of discounts are rolled out during National Day. Among them: Chongqing reachs Nanjing 3.5 fold, chongqing reachs Guangzhou 4 fold, chongqing = Tianjin (roundtrip 5 fold 6 fold) , chongqing comes big talk (under other make an appointment with for flying to a company 0.5 fold) , on October 2 - 6 days of Chongqing come 3 inferior 3 fold, on September 30 - Chongqing all was to Guangzhou to Nanjing and Chongqing on October 3 3 fold, other course fare is folded for 5-9.

Western aviation in order to do him common people airline is business concept, and all the time advocate push travel course. According to the data statistic last year, predict Hainan travel compares flourishing this year, aviation is in especially western on October 1 - increased Chongqing = big talk on October 4 daily, in order to satisfy a travel demand of the passenger between cycle of National Day gold.

In the meantime, aviation reminds broad citizen western, metaphase gives a pedestrian during National Day less, the discount is inferior, proposal choice came to went out on October 3 on October 1 row, the discount can be reduced somewhat.

(the unit that offer draft: Western aviation is finite liability company)

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