National Day " the plane is round " quote goes up appropriate of 1000 yuan of pa

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Suffer since this year the influence of all sorts of elements, coming " 11 " the golden week, had appeared " blowout " manner. Suffer the influence that airline ticket rises in price, "The plane is round " quote go up considerably tone, rise about 1000 yuan.

As we have learned, enter " 11 " after long holiday, home is a lot of " the plane is round " circuitry of go on a journey, all will increase the price considerably, rise about 1000 yuan. Among them, "Kunming Shuang Fei swims 6 days " set out on September 24, need 2800 yuan only, to 29 days, 30 days need 3900 yuan; Hainan swims 6 days, set out to need 2000 yuan only on September 25, on September 29, 30 days go up to 3100 yuan; Line of travel of cliff of Guilin, Li Jiang, Yang Shuo, coronal quotes at present 2800 yuan, on September 29, the 30 attune on day reach 3900 yuan, go up 1100 yuan.

Making the main reason that travel circuitry rises in price is airline ticket policy. It is reported, the airline ticket that each travel agent takes Jinan at ordinary times is folded for 4-5 commonly lower even. Meet the golden week, can take 6-7 to fold only be close to total value bank note even. As opposite as this is, the northeast line that river of Harbin, Changchun, peony, long Bai Shan forms, it is more " the train is round " , the price keeps stable. At present afore-mentioned circuitry quote 1300 yuan, with " 11 " during 1480 yuan quote does not differ to cross more than 100 yuan. Shandong is provincial " the car is round " " 11 " the value of go on a journey during is basic with same at ordinary times.

"' 11 ' travel, the tourist mights as well choose northeast circuitry more, a prices are stable, second not crowded, travel quality is ensured somewhat. " Li Shenge of travel agent of Jinan country letter suggests, pay attention to personalized go on a journey to those, and the tourist with more sufficient preparation, tibet, Xinjiang, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia is gone to before also mighting as well. Enter 9, after October, these local travel drop in temperature in the round, the price should not rise. Besides adjust target of go on a journey appropriately, avoid " hot " anthology " cold " , conditional person also can adjust off time as far as possible, go on a tour of summit of escape stream of people.

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