Carry on promotes big public house of salty go smoothly

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Big public house of salty go smoothly is restaurant of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of travel of stage of a 5 stars, be located in carry on to promote the busy business street of downtown, with the amorous feelings of a region of rivers and lakes with its beautiful spirit, deep culture insides information, the dietary culture of bright, become carry on to promote the focus that travel fixes eyes upon. Hotel by 22 advocate building and composition of 6 deputy buildings, have 166 (set) luxurious and comfortable of all kinds guest room, set system of central air conditioning, advanced acoustics, the satellite receives closed-circuit television establishment, confuse you model bar, freezer. More than 800 hall of dining-room of various Chinese and Western, coffee, bar, eat.

1993 practice Decorated 2002
Carry on promotes merchant of old wine of salty go smoothly to want establishment:

Meal establishment: Hall of house of Xiu Zhuyuan, fim, happy Jing Yuan, Western-style food
Recreational establishment: Center of room of card of Xian Hengcheng, chess, nightclub, sauna
Service facilities: Wu of business affairs center, ticket is booked, hire car, bazaar

Carry on promotes information of other of big public house of salty go smoothly:

Contact a phone: 0575-8068688
Hotel address: Carry on promotes city to liberate south road 680
Traffic a sector of an area: Be apart from from the airport: 48 kilometers are apart from from the railway station: 4Kilometer

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