Carry on is promoted jump over big public house

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Sino-Japanese and joint-stock jump over big public house, stand tall and upright in Changjiang Delta a region of rivers and lakes, carry on of historical culture famous city promotes city most central area, face the urban square of 100 thousand square metre, it is companion with adjacent of photograph of center of commerce, culture, banking, travel traffic is very convenient. The hotel covers an area of 7000 square metre, the building is 28 tall. Environmental grace, establishment is complete, market guest room, meal, business affairs, recreation is an organic whole, built the good place of sightseeing of a travel and business affairs activity for you.

2001 practice

Carry on promotes jump over old wine merchant to want establishment:
Meal establishment: Chinese meal hall
Recreational establishment: Chess card room, old hall, hairdressing beautifies hair center
Service facilities: Business affairs center, 24 hours of security personnel serve, IDD, DDD, safe

Carry on promotes jump over information of other of big public house:
Contact a phone: 0575-5148888
Hotel address: Carry on promotes city to win east road 1
Traffic a sector of an area: Be apart from a railway station 2 kilometers, be apart from the airport 40 companies, have bus of airport line for special use

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