Carry on promotes the Qin Dynasty to look at big public house

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The hotel reposes at carry on of —— of famous city of Chinese history culture to promote, be located in south urban city the gold a sector of an area with the most flourishing new developed area, it is activity of guest room of a market, meal, recreation, conference, business affairs the SamSung class that is an organic whole business affairs hotel. Guest room of the presidential inner room that the hotel has international standard, luxurious apartment, business affairs, standard guest room 115, the design inside guest room is sweet and capacious and bright, decorous, establishment is top-ranking, all have adjustable the system of the air conditioning central that accuse, online system of advanced acoustics, broadband, the window of be born type of large area gives a person with artistic beauty and culture beauty visual effect, can admire all sorts of TV programs of global satellite TV and country at the same time in all more than 40.

1995 practice Decorated 2003

Carry on promotes the Qin Dynasty to look at old wine merchant to want establishment:

Meal establishment: Hall of emperor of Western-style food hall, Chinese meal hall, the Qin Dynasty
Recreational establishment: Room of card of room of bag of hall of singing and dancing of city of entertainment of Home Jin Fenshi, salon, KTV, billiard room, chess
Service facilities: Business affairs center, hairdressing beautifies hair Wu of center, bazaar, ticket is booked, hire car

Carry on promotes the Qin Dynasty to look at information of other of big public house:
Contact a phone: 0575-8056789
Hotel address: Carry on promotes the highway austral the city 515
Traffic a sector of an area: Be apart from from the airport: 40 kilometers are apart from a railway station: 5The kilometer is apart from from downtown: 0.5 kilometer

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