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Carry on promotes holiday big public house to be located in the riverside of around the city with pretty scenery, sit the Gelite that embrace Ma international mart, border railway station.
Carry on promotes holiday big public house is the restaurant of travel concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of class of a SamSung. The hotel has 88 of all kinds guest room, it is the good place that team of business affairs, travel, conference stays. The meal balcony that provides characteristic each 25, can accommodate 500 guest repast. Set meeting hall at the same time, chess card, hairdressing beautifies hair wait for recreational place.

2004 practice The building is 8 tall Guest room 88 / set
Hotel address: Zhejiang carry on promotes city station road 99

Pertinent information

Traffic: Be apart from downtown: Railway station of 1 kilometer, space: 0.2 lis, be apart from an airport: 25 kilometers, distance can exhibit a center: 1.5 kilometers
Meal establishment: Chinese meal hall advocate battalion helps dish can accommodate 500 people originally
Conference establishment: Assembly room can accommodate 90 people
Recreational facilities: Card of sauna, chess, sufficient bath
Service facilities: Wu of business affairs center, ticket, washhouse, bazaar, parking lot, massage, do not offer receive aircraft service
All round landscape: Margaret store, railway station, station
Online circumstance: All rooms are free the broadband gets online
Credit card: International credence all things is amounted to, international credit card is big Lai, Oriental Jin Sui of bank of agriculture of card, China blocks Pacific Ocean of bank of transportation of card of dragon of bank of construction of card of card of card, Great Wall of Bank of China, peony of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China, China

Room price

Breakfast: 15 yuan / portion; Add a bed: 100 yuan / bed

Room Retail sales price Breakfast 25 days 26 days 27 days

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