Carry on promotes dynasty big public house

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The hotel has guest room 149 (set) , the establishment inside the room is all ready, have adjustable ark of phone of international of TV of the system of the air conditioning central that accuse, satellite, home direct dial, small-sized bar, snow, private safe, blower, healthy level; Hall of dynasty cabinet Chinese meal and dining room of day giving the cloud can offer the local dish with pure taste and day type arrange; Bar of dynasty beer house, flower type is you negotiate lingering good place; The assembly room of each different offers 5 size complete set conference serves, business affairs center is offerred telex, duplicate, Chinese and English type, postal express and Wu of of all kinds ticket are booked; Dynasty nightclub is the good place of recreation more.

1994 practice Decorated 1999

Carry on promotes merchant of dynasty old wine to want establishment:
Meal establishment: Hall of dynasty of balcony of cabinet of dynasty of subterranean beer house
Recreational establishment: Hairdressing beautifies hair center of sauna of chess card room (in rebuilding)
Service facilities: Online area of independence of room of phone of room of business affairs have a rest

Carry on promotes information of other of dynasty big public house:
Contact a phone: 0575-5125888
Hotel address: Carry on promotes a victory east road
Traffic a sector of an area: Be located in downtown, be apart from a railway station 5 minutes to be apart from extension field 60 minutes to be apart from exhibition center 10 minutes

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