Carry on promotes restaurant of hill of new seat of government

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Natural sentiment 懷 : The annual of ” of center of “ 東 square 藝 that 飯 inn adds 3 樓 of 樓 exhibits the 藝 術 high-quality goods such as 畫 of famous 貴 word, antique, 創 of 術 of 藝 of fixed 進 travel makes communication.

2006 practice The building is 6 tall Guest room 70 / set
Hotel address: Zhejiang carry on promotes road of Shanxi of city seat of government 341

Pertinent information

Traffic: Be apart from downtown: 1 kilometer (car Cheng 5 minutes) , be apart from a railway station: 1 kilometer (car Cheng 5 minutes) , be apart from an airport: 40 kilometers (car Cheng 40 minutes) , be apart from long-distance station: 5 kilometers (car Cheng 15 minutes)
Meal establishment: Chinese meal hall advocate dish of battalion another name for Guangdong Province and game: Muti_function banqueting hall can accommodate 140 people, luxurious balcony to be able to accommodate 45 people, size different balcony can accommodate 300 people
Conference establishment: 2 assembly room can accommodate 3 50 people, assembly room to be able to accommodate 100 people
Recreational facilities: Chess card, sauna, nightclub
Service facilities: Wu of business affairs center, ticket, washhouse, parking lot
All round landscape: Park of government office hill, on the west field
Online circumstance: All room broadband gets online, endowment cost: 20 yuan / day
Credit card: Spic of gold of bank of agriculture of card, China blocks Pacific Ocean of bank of transportation of card of dragon of bank of construction of card of card of Great Wall of Bank of China, peony of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China, China

Room price

Breakfast: 15 yuan / portion; Add a bed: 100 yuan / bed

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