Carry on promotes restaurant of hill of new seat of government

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Be located in carry on to promote road of Shanxi of city seat of government, government office hill is depended on east, city river is faced on the west, south close on the west field, be apart from downtown town square only more than meters 200.
Inn of 飯 of hill of new seat of government, the 觀 of 環 situation situation with root 據 special 獨 , old store opens newly, restaurant of government office hill welcomes each honored guest with brand-new appearance. Restaurant of hill of new seat of government from September 2006 the bottom decorates practice afresh. By allow design of 4 stars standard to decorate, the collect art high-grade travel at an organic whole restaurant of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals. Hotel facilities is all ready, inside have more than 70 tall, intermediate nearly more than 400 guest room, eat. The old hall of distinctive air, antique size dining-room. Room of card of intelligence auditoria and KTV balcony, chess, sauna, hairdressing beautifies hair is tourism group, business affairs the good place that recreational, sightseeing, business negotiates. Restaurant faculty holds to “ guest the consummate, tenet that serves the first ” . Offer for broad guest wholeheartedly to the queen's taste service.
Eat 飲 : Eat 飲 區 at 飯 inn A one, 2 樓 , 設 has eat 飲 big 廳 (can recieve 400 people have dinner with 時) —— jumps over king 閣, 擁 has 數 10 間 elegant 別 is sent and each distinctive wraps 廂 . The case of water 鄉 風 of 濃 gloomy, make you shed 連 to forget to return. 飯 inn is special dish of 統 of 傳 of Gu Yue of 別 開 發, 選 material is superior, 製 makes fastidious, taste 獨 is special, with assist of beautiful wine photograph, get the gout of white ” of float of the ancients “ greatly.
Guest room: 擁 of inn of 飯 of government office hill has room of person of room of 準 of flatlet of 華 of a person of extraordinary powers, 標 , 單 72 間, perfect with its, new-style muti_function, the 國 際 that 現 generation changes connects 訊 , 電 腦 management fastens 統 but the 種 demand of guest of 適 應 賓, inn of 飯 of government office hill is mixed with its perfect image take 務 excellently, make 賓 guest leaves good impression.
娛 樂 : 廳 of center of beautiful 發 of room of card of sufficient bath of mother of an emperor of 設 of 飯 inn 開 , chess, hairdressing, dance, KTV wraps 廂 to wait, 娛 樂 設 applies 齊 complete, 設 備 first 進, the 週 that take 務 arrives, strong and pervasive fragrance of 給 your 溫 is like feeling 覺 of the home.
Business 務 : Inn of 飯 of government office hill has 設 備 first 齊 of 進, function is complete big in room of small 會 議 3 個 , 擁 has what recieve 200 people with 時 is muti_function 會 議 room. Can offer 會 議 to reach earth up 訓 to take 務 . (責 of 飯 inn 負 recieves 體 is, 劃 of plan of 計 of 設 of 會 議 flow, buy of 場 ground 佈 , 務 of 遊of 會 議 brigade, ticket, guest of 會 議 賓 is received send, 點 of 會 議 fruit, tea is offerred. ) your provider of 為 of business 務 center 傳 of road of the 長 outside 內 of 務 諮 詢 , 國 , 電 , 複 imprints, Chinese and English type etc take 務 .
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