Carry on promotes guesthouse of Long Xiang international

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Carry on promotes guesthouse of Long Xiang international to be located in the business street with busy downtown, have the Yao that very close only with Lu Xun native place, be apart from carry on to promote a railway station 1 kilometer, international Airport of Hangzhou Xiao Shan 40 minutes of distance, traffic travel shops very convenient.
What carry on promotes guesthouse of Long Xiang international to have more than 80 comfortable warmth is medium high-grade flatlet, deploy advanced electronic equipment entirely, include TV of broadband Internet, number, home / international long distance call, confuse your bar. . . . . . Etc, it is the first selection that business affairs visits your Lai Shaoxing or the journey crosses a holiday.

2006 practice Advocate the building is 4 tall Complementary building is 4 tall Guest room 82 / set

Hotel address: Zhejiang carry on promotes city to cast river wining with dregs 16

Pertinent information

Traffic: Be apart from downtown: Railway station of 0 kilometers, space: Airport of 3 kilometers, distance: 40 kilometers, distance can exhibit a center: 2 kilometers, distance is long-distance station: 4 kilometers
Meal establishment: Long Xiang dining-room advocate battalion masses dish can accommodate 80 people, butterfly love hall advocate Ying Shaoxing dish can accommodate dining-room of 20 people, Man Tingfang advocate battalion place is fastfood can accommodate 10 people
Conference establishment: Assembly room of Long Xiang hall can accommodate assembly room of office of 50 people, president to be able to accommodate 40 people, butterfly the assembly room that love hall can accommodate 30 people
Recreational facilities: Card of fitness, chess, nightclub, ping-pong
Service facilities: Service of Wu of business affairs center, ticket, bazaar, parking lot, hairdressing beautifies hair, do not offer the airport to receive aircraft service
All round landscape: Lu Xun native place, Shen Yuan
Online circumstance: All rooms are free the broadband gets online
Credit card: Spic of gold of bank of agriculture of card, China blocks Pacific Ocean of bank of transportation of card of dragon of bank of construction of card of card of card of VISA of international credit card, Great Wall of Bank of China, peony of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China, China

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