Artful manage is allowed in travel road

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Spring scenery is beautiful, wind He Rili, be people goes out the inning of travel, but, in journey as a result of make a difficult journey or multiply a car by boat, compare overworked, plus food not the rule, expose outdoors for long, wind blows insolation, very big to the person's health and hairdressing influence, be opposite especially the injury of face especially fierce, this needs us to learn the method of clever hairdressing in journey:
Water more in journey moisture makes the skin keeps moist not only, and still can furnish the nutrition with enough skin. Some people view and admire a scenery merely in travel, often forget water, or because food is not quite convenient and be on a diet section water, this is very big to cutaneous injury. Accordingly, in travel road, must water more. Oneself take water to go to the lavatory quite, the small shop in road, tea is abandoned also have a distinctive flavour, the pure spring of some places is natural mineral water more. Water more can prevent skin moisture to evaporate too much, can ensure hairdressing.
The fruit eats more in journey, resemble normal in that way in the home repast because journey is medium very hard, consequently the skin encounters wind blows the harm of insolation not only, and the injury that has inanition, however, eat a fruit more, can get redeeming however, and fruit of the draft in journey is more convenient, there is peach apricot Mei Li in the orchard all sorts of melon and fruit, and the feral fruit in Shan Ye has nutrition more. Because be contained in the fruit,a variety of vitamins are mixed mineral, can pass the biochemical action of airframe, offer rich nutrition for the skin, make sure cutaneous is strong and handsome thereby.
The vegetable such as the in journey of usable and vegetable hairdressing cucumber in journey, tomato, carrot can take when the fruit not only, can be used more when hairdressing medicines and chemical reagents. By day overworked a day, in the evening before Morpheus, can above these fresh and vegetable slice. Stick in the face ministry, cervical, over- 10 - get off after 20 minutes, massage slightly, the beneficial nurture in making the skin absorbs these vegetable is qualitative, with respect to the action that can rise to protect the skin and hairdressing.
Journey middling is made facial massage, in car or road are being multiplied in journey small it is OK to rest the repose that shut eye, also can use this opportunity at the same time, massage gently with the hand facial, can accelerate the flow of facial blood so, increase the supply of skin nutrition, be helpful for cutaneous restoring flexibility, achieve the effect of hairdressing thereby.
The face is washed with spring in journey, regular meeting of the classics in journey encounters the place that has spring, cool pure spring is natural mineral water, can complement carry the inadequacy that water, if use spring bath face, still have the action of hairdressing. Because spring water pollution is little, and contain a variety of mineral, can prevent to produce furrow and chap, maintain burnish of cutaneous soft embellish, facial to protection skin is very beneficial.
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