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(1 ) prevent airsick.
Airsick vomiting is balancer official disorder, the body gets used to poorer cause, want to keep composed only commonly, eliminate distracting thoughts, take some prevent carsick boat medicine to be able to not have a thing in safety. If know oneself may airsick, medicine had better be taken in before boarding the plane 15 minutes.
(2) prevent old disease to break out.
The plane takes off, descend, rise, drop, turn, the change of the flight attitude such as jolt, and the airliner is traversinging the rapid change of light and shade of line of cloud layer time, can stimulate fit of a few diseases. By the cerebral ill patient that thrombus or haemorrhage cause, do not want absolutely by plane; Spend cerebral concussion patient again due specialized subject doctor is followed go and adopt be on guard effectively measure; Spend patient of cerebral shake soup gently to should take some of anodyne; The old people that suffers from hemal sclerosis can take a few tranquillizer before board the plane, the cold sheds the patient that tears and n&v snuffle are illogical to had better not take a plane, because pharynx rouses a canal,block has the danger of tympanic perforation.
(3) prevent aviation sex tympanitis.
Significant step of precaution is ask for a favor and deglutition. Piece a mouth or swallow saliva persistently, also can remove precautionary action of course, but owe after all tasteful. Cannot forget to give every passenger to send one packet to pack elegant candy commonly on the airliner so, this truth with respect to amid. Chew a few candy, or chew a few chewing gum to make pharynx rouses a canal to often leave. Chew eating is tympanitis of precautionary aviation sex the most efficient way, also be the measure that makes a person relaxed and happy most. If feel the symptom still was not eliminated, usable big toe and forefinger hold nose, shut close mouth, forcibly expiratory, let air current to beat opening pharynx the canal enters eardrum air antrum and eliminate ear frowsty, ear the symptom such as heavy, otalgia.
(4) the plane is catastrophic.
6 minutes after the plane takes off are mixed inside 7 minutes when land, the most incidental contingency, 13 minutes of " of " dreariness are called on international. According to aeromedicine home statistic, the accident that there are 65 % in our country happens inside these 13 minutes. Because this takes a plane to should press a requirement, be about to fasten good safety belt before take off.
The common emergency in sky has sealed pressure cabin abrupt and low, be on fire or mechanical failure. Average pilot and the decision that grow to announce urgent crash can compendiously to the passenger by Wu, directive passenger should adopt lash-up processing. When the crash on water, air hostess can explain the usage of airjacket, but be in urgent before breaking away from, the passenger still should fasten good safety belt. If aircraft altitude is in 3660 ~ 4000 meters, face guard of oxygen of passenger head apical will be automatic flagging, answer to suck oxygen instantly right now, prohibit smoking absolutely. If the be on fire inside engine room, bottle of put out a fire of usable carbon dioxide and bottle of powder put out a fire (cockpit is banned with) ; Blame electric equipment and blame are oily kind of be on fire, apply bottle of water put out a fire. The passenger should comply with direct, crouch as far as possible, be in low-level, screen lives breath, or block shut up bazoo up with wet towel, prevent the toxic gas such as inspiratory carbon monoxide toxic
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