Crural bubble is prevented in travel road

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Go out travel, the happening of crural bubble is commonner, it can affect the great progress of travel, and processing is undeserved still can cause infection.
Because plantar sweat is wet,the generation of crural bubble is, cuticular bate, full control is long exert oneself and attrition, make local tissue fluid oozy and form; Constant not as gentle as footgear, walking road speed not divide evenly, and tourist lack takes exercise wait for an element to concern.
The happening that prevents crural bubble must notice:
It is footgear wants appropriate, unfavorable and exorbitant or shoe is too small, had better wear hand-me-down rubber overshoes or cloth shoe, female comrade is not worn follow strong base leather shoes high, insole wants level off, the sock does not have damaged, without the ruffle, enter inside the shoe arenaceous should keep clear of in time, should maintain footgear dry;
2 it is pedestrian visit should successive, first close hind far, the footstep wants even, be born wants firm, cannot speed;
3 it is to face the foot should be ironed with hot water before sleeping, circulate in order to promote local equipment fluid, to full control place application hand is massaged or besmear in thenar and prominent place with kerosene put on the skin. In addition, yi Ke uses medicaments to prevent, the rhizome of chuanxiong, the root of Chinese wild ginger, windbreak, the root of Dahurian angelica each 4 2, add water 5 jins of decoct reach 3 jins, the besmear before jaunt is plantar, daily one.
If produce crural bubble, at present cure still does not have fine law, basically be bubble puncture and drainage. Iron crural 5-10 with hot water above all minute put on the skin is dry, use tincture of iodine next or bubble of alcohol general foot is local undertake alexipharmic, the needle that reoccupy disinfects (the needle can use the water of boil or alcohol immerses) thorn defeats crural bubble, make path of edge of the liquid inside bubble is poured out of, the platoon works. The horsetail of usable also disinfection crosses crural bubble drainage. But when handling crural bubble, avoid by all means is cut go bubble skin, affect in case.

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