What person is unfavorable by air

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The plane is current idealer vehicle, as people living standard rise, be away on official business, travel, visit one's family, visit friend to wait by plane the person is increasing. But medicine considers to think, the following person is unfavorable by plane.
One, contagious disease patient. Wait for contagion patient like tuberculosis of contagious hepatitis, activity period, typhoid fever, in what the country sets inside segregation period, cannot take a plane. Among them yaricella patient is damaging place not heal, cannot by plane.
2, madman. If epilepsy reachs all sorts of spirit patients, because aviation atmosphere causes disease acute easily to break out, reason is unfavorable by plane. 3, cardiovascular disease patient. Spend because sky is medium gently anoxic, the likelihood makes cardiovascular patient have a recurrence of an old illness or aggravating illness, especially heart function not complete, cardiac muscle anoxic, miocardial infarction and serious hypertensive patient, think to should not be normally by plane.
4, cerebral blood-vessel patient. Tumor of the embolism that be like a head, cerebral hemorrhage, brain this kind of patient, what because the plane rises,fall is plangent, shake reach anoxic etc, can make an illness aggravating, prohibit by plane.
5, patient of respiratory system disease. Wait for a patient like anxiety of emphysema, lung, because of incommensurate environment, if cannon of pneumothorax, lung waits, because gas expands and the likelihood in flight route accentuates illness.
6, the patient that has done gastric bowel operation, be in commonly the operation cannot take a plane inside 10 days. The ability after enteron haemorrhage patient wants to stop 3 weeks in haemorrhage by plane.
7, the patient of severe anemia. Haemoglobin volume level is in 50 gram / litre the following person, unfavorable by plane.
8, patient of ear nose disease. Ear bazoo has acute oozy sex inflammation, reach the near future to had done the patient of eardrum operation, travel in unfavorable sky.
9, draw near produce period pregnant woman. As a result of the baric change in sky, the likelihood sends childbirth of fetal in advance, especially gravid 35 weeks of pregnant woman after, more unfavorable by plane.

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