Zoology travel conduce enhances a constitution

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Favorable zoology environment conduces to raise human body constitution, be in for a long time the person of great city life, go travel of brief preserve one's health conduces to health. GuangdongSave sports science institute, the preserve one's health that organized 45 people recently is round (male 23 people, female 22 people) , go up for a long time in hill among them 20 people of the activity (men and women each 10 people) ; Be in for a long time the 20 people of great city life (men and women each 10 people) toVessel lake hillThe zoology environment that undertakes by a definite date 7 days affects an experiment to human body health.
Groove guard of nature of vessel lake hill is the first natural groove guard of Chinese, it is groove guard of biosphere of U.N. Educational MBA net member, have favorable zoology environment. This experiment chose to mirror 38 index of the function such as neurological, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, going up hill that day, on hill 3Queen of heaven, on hill 5 day hind, on hill undertakes a test 4 times after 7 days, obtain 12 thousand many data. The result makes clear, 38 index all have the influence of different level to human body. The effect is the most apparent is neurological, all people that attend group of preserve one's health to experiment are mirrorred on the mind after hill became good, 4 tests index produces change: When reaction shorten on average 0.02 seconds; Balance ability increases 6.5 seconds on average; Stable index rises the movement on average 0.0536; Value of Q of watchful allocation index increases 0.1393 seconds on average, confirm in the activity on hill their neurological function after 7 days gets good improvement. Bigger also to the influence of respiratory system, go up hill after 7 days, the vital capacity of round member of preserve one's health raised 290 milliliter on average, hematic oxygen degree of saturation grew 1.1% , the ability offerring oxygen to human body blood has the zoology environment on proof hill to improve action apparently.
The target test of cardiovascular system also showed zoology environment comes into being favorable effect to human body cardiovascular system: 3 index all have every minutes of sendout, every rich sendout and heart index to rise apparently, especially of hypertension and chronic bronchitic patient rise more apparent.
More delectable is, haemal biochemistry is monitored make clear, total cholesterol and blood stick the hill on round member of preserve one's health after 7 days consistency is reduced significantly. Test data still makes clear, their leucocyte gross, lymphocyte, intermediate cell, complement all have rise, reflective airframe in vessel lake hill distinctive immunity ability raises Central Africa of environment of this kind of zoology somewhat, disease-resistant ability increases.

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