Should not be after clothings dry-clean wear immediately with

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Dry-clean all sorts of clothings, use 4 chloric ethylene generally to serve as solvent at present. 4 chloric ethylene are the dissolvent with a kind of very strong noxiousness, human body is inspiratory liver function is harmed not only after gas of 4 chloric ethylene, make central nervous system apparent sad weak, cause dazed, have a headache, dazed, disgusting wait for a variety of symptoms with vomiting. According toThe United StatesExpert of environmental protection arrange considers to determine, take damp dry-clean clothings slightly, its are sent out the gas that come out, can pollute indoor air badly, fill the glue bag that puts all sorts of dry-clean clothings, can withhold those poisonous dissolvent.
Experts still point out, take when the clothings of dry-clean when coming home, answer to take off polybag immediately, hang clothings in ventilated condition to compare good place, volatilize in order to let the dry lotion on clothings clean, wait for clothings to work rear can wear with, in case mephitis body gives healthy cause a harm.

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