Notice the eye is wholesome in travel

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1. prevents the content such as sand and dust to fall into the eye. Go out in much sandedder area should wear goggles. When tiny speck falls into the eye, blink gently immediately, make tear general dirt strong go out. If careless bits, small bug waits,fall, answer to shut an eye immediately, will go up eyelid breaks up, wait to brush its with clean handkerchief, pledget next go out or use clear water rinse.

2. Prevent intense light to stimulate an eye. Fall in intense sunshine or travel on snow ground, answer to wear the protective eye such as cap of sunglasses, sunshade in time.

3. Carry eyedrop. The eye is the organ with the most delicate human body, if have an accident,not allow protracted. It is especially in clough of field of desolate place outside of town, high mountain, answer to carry commonly used liquid medicine. Rinse an eye to also can prevent and cure with cool boiled water the eye is ill.

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