The what of aviation passenger knowledge calls constant passenger the plan

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The what of aviation passenger knowledge calls constant passenger the plan

Constant fare plan is the sales promotion method that accumulates award what show airline is rolled out to the passenger that often takes its airliner to give priority to with course of development, it is to attract the measure of passenger of public business affairs, a kind of market that raises airline competition ability.

1994, china International airline rolled out constant fare plan and corresponding bosom friend card the earliest in home. Chinese Oriental airline rolled out constant fare plan formally in July 1998. Subsequently, the Xiamen Airline, Na Hang, northing constant passenger that also rolled out oneself in succession plans.

Airline planned to all establish a club to carry out constant passenger, be like " country boat club " , " club of Dong Hang Jin Yan " etc. Accord with each airline the passenger that constant passenger plans to ask all can apply for to join corresponding airline club, get a piece of member gets stuck. The member gets course of development through taking the airliner of this airline, also can pass the partner in this airline, if the hotel is in,be consumed and get course of development. When course of development achieves certain level, the member can be exchanged with earning course of development rise cabin free airline ticket, freely or other appointed award.

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