The baby has what condition by air

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The baby takes the 10 % that the charge of the plane is airline ticket total value, take integer by round law, do not need to hand in the airport to build cost and fuel surtax. The baby does not have general and alone seat, hold in the arms by the person that guard go up in the hand. Taken seat is standing by the position of the passageway commonly, in the process that that one is taking off and does not descend in urgent exit, pressure change is bigger, auditive meeting has unwell, a lot of parents will be nervous, help baby presses ear. Right way is to resemble holding good baby in the arms euqally at ordinary times, do not need to do any auxiliary measure. If the baby is in,descend the mood in the process not beautiful, should be stroked gently only or comfort softly but. Because the baby also has oneself adjustment function, when pressure change is big, infantile mood not beautiful even cry, it is the normal reaction that they adjust. General infant does not suggest to do long-distance journey, because its are hollow air quality is poor, easy cause darling exhaustion.
The note when taking: Little baby is unfavorable eat too fully, without have a fever, nasal cavity must unobstructed. When take off and descending, remember be being nursed to him or feed water; With rising quickly as a result of the plane headroom is mixed when landing, can be nursed to the baby or water, the absorb activity that lets him makes ear film expedite; Will can complement moisture, 2 will can make ear film gets an activity accordingly. Obtain the baric balance between nose pharynx antrum and eardrum antrum.

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