Boeing 757 introductions

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B757 brief introduction:


Boeing the double hair that 757 planes are Boeing company production (motive) narrow in body long-range transport. Began to develop in March 1979, it and the Boeing that the corresponding period develops 767 designing, make and operate a respect to have interchangeability, 757 flying prow flew to the first Boeing in Feburary 1982, of the same age obtained comfortable boat card in December, throw line operation. Permissive in December 1986 double hair delays Cheng Fei to go.
Boeing 757 it is to be in Boeing used new wing and advanced motor to revise airframe appearance on 727 foundations.
Boeing the main design target of 757 planes is through reducing oily bad news, reduce airframe weight to reduce use cost.
Boeing company started the new project of Boeing 757-300 on September 2, 1996, first user is the Kangduoer that Germany specializes in charter flight business (Condor) airline.
At present Boeing company already to client consign more than 1000 Boeing 757.

Because market demand decreases increasingly, be faced with the competition that comes from empty guest at the same time, on October 16, 2003, boeing company announces formally, will stop to produce Boeing 2004 757 planes. Boeing also expresses, 7E7 of 737 series, Boeing can cover new generation Boeing Boeing the market of this 757 200 class planes.

Main type:

Basic model
, left factory on January 13, 1982, of the same age on Feburary 19 head fly, what install at first isLuo Ersi - collect engine of Yi Si company RB211, use Pratt - benefit spy Buddhist nun the B757-200 of 2000 series of company on March 14, 1984 head fly.

B757-200 of far east aviation

B757-200 increase range model
The United States combined package company 1985 (after UPS) is ordered, begin to make, began consign to use in September 1987

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