Boeing 777 introductions

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Boeing 777 brief introduction:


Boeing 777The plane of Shuang Fakuan system that is development of American Boeing company. 1990Year10Month29Day starts formally, 1994Year6Month12Day1Wear Boeing777First test-fly, 1995Year4Month19Day obtains Europe to combine certificate of approval of model of bureau of aviation of comfortable boat card and American federal, 1995Year5Month30Day is permissive180Minute double hair delays Cheng Fei to go, 1995Year5Month17Day head wears consign user United States to combine aviation. 3 water chestnut of Boeing company and Japan, plain Qi and company limited of Fuji heavy industry signed a risk to partake companionate agreement, day just is assumed777The structure works20%.
Boeing 777On size and range interpose is mixed at B767-300 between B747-400, have cockpit layout the characteristic of the market demand that limits of agile, range can satisfy constant change with different type greatly. Designing initial stage. Boeing company and the discussion that a few airline undertook extensive development develop these the structural composition of new aircraft, airline to include with mixing certainly: Airline, England airline, Japan airline mixes sky of American combination airline, full day peaceful of Hong Kong country airline, they are measured in route structure passenger flow and service frequency respect is all-around the battalion carry level that the ground represented each airline to have. The participation of these airline made sure product utmost ground satisfies the need of whole world airline.

Boeing 777 stop on track. ItsThe most apparent identifying indicatesOne of 3 axes that are it 6 rounds advocate landing gear system and two front-wheel drive, this kind of structure dispersed effectively already road surface load makes the plane has again do not exceed 3 landing gear pillar.

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