Boeing 767 introductions

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Boeing 767 brief introduction:
Boeing the double hair that 767 planes are Boeing company production (motive) in half wide body long-range transport. Advocate in if use,contend for 200 machine such as 80 time B707, DC8, B727 because long-range plane retires and the market that form. Put forward a plan 1972, began full-scale development in July 1978, 767 flying prow flew to the first Boeing on September 26, 1981, in July 1982 model certificate of approval, of the same age threw line operation in August.
Boeing 767 used brand-new airframe, airframe is 5.03 meters wide, this width and suit to use position of comfortable double corridor cabin, with can suit at that time already some standard container and goods dish. It is to use two people to drive first at the same time the wide system plane that make
The do one's best on 767 designs maintains Boeing with Boeing 757 have more intercommunity, plane development used international collaboration means, boeing company basically assumes a plane final general assembly, 15% what the company also participated in Niya to develop and each assume heavy industry of 3 water chestnut of Japanese, plain Qi and Fuji and Italian A Lai to development is expended and make workload.
End in October 2002, already had nearly 900 Boeing 767 planes deliver to about 60 world airline.

B767 is familial

October 1985, bureau of American confederative aviation (FAA) approval, boeing 767 fall fully in long-range flight middle distance the airport can amount to time of 120 minutes of flights at most namely 120 minutes of ETOPS (double hair Yan Chengfei goes) . In March 1989, be approved by FAA again 180 minutes of ETOPS.

Main type:

Inchoate model, preparation is direct with empty guest 310 competition, because not have,order goods not put into production.
Basic model, the model of first production, in September 1981 head fly, handed in in August 1982 by the United States associated aviation throws operation,

Amount to aviation B767-200 quickly

200 model increase range model, in B767-200 model increased to carry oil on the foundation quantity and the greatest takeoff weight, on October 30, 1984 head fly.