Boeing MD80 series introduces

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MD80 series brief introduction:


MD80 series is the United States former McDonald Douglas company from DC9 - what 50 planes development comes is medium short distance plane. Began to develop in October 1977, first name is DC9-80, belong to pair of DC9 - the lengthen of 50 is improved model, the 80 time that express to predict to throw operation are 1980. The first archetypal machine in October 1979 first test-fly, obtained card of comfortable boat of bureau of American confederative aviation in August 1980, consign used of the same age in September. June 1983, the company abandons former McDonald Douglas famous DC business uses plane brand, change weigh MD, such DC9-80 series are MD80 series with respect to change.
With DC9 - 50 photographs are compared, the improvement with MD-80 main series is airframe lengthen, the ala is exhibited increase, use the engine of bigger thrust and advanced airborne equipment, reduced rate of bad news oil and noise. MD80 series plane and Boeing 737, A320 is same, it is 80 ~ 90 time are best-selling in short distance plane. Already stopped production at present, symbiosis produces nearly 1200.

Main type:

MD81: Primary type of production, in September 1980Begin consign to use.


MD82: Improve model, install the JT8D-217 engine with bigger thrust, comfortable at high temperature highland the area is used, business affairs carring capacity and range can rise below normal circumstance, began consign to use in August 1981.

MD82 of American round-the-world aviation

MD83: Long-range model, Two capacities increase to be 2195 litres gasoline tank each in hold, make the biggest range can amount to 4700 kilometers, consign begins to use at the beginning of 1985.
MD87: Airframe shortens model, shorten 5.35 meters, Layout of two class cockpit can carry the model 130 people of guest, began consign to use in November 1987