What does the airport install check to be checked?

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Total bureau of Chinese civil aviaton, the Ministry of Public Security releases jointly " the announce about civil aviation safety " in regulation: Take the passenger of civil aviaton flight, must not carry any cutting tool, to the cutting tool that hunt down, uniform hand in civil aviaton to install check branch of short duration to put; To hiding the personnel of cutting tool intentionally, uniform hand in grant mechanism of civil aviaton public security examines processing. Resemble small scissors, fruit knife such article, also cannot carry, consign together with baggage without fail. At the same time " announce " in return a regulation: Forbidden seize the opportunity the passenger reachs emitter of emulation handgun, miniature each kind of attack of the type weapon, ammo, armament, alarm article of instrument, explosion, combustible explode easily in article and virulent, radioactivity, caustic article and dangerous solution and other embargo article are carried or be being placed in baggage, goods, consign.
Perhaps, in the eye of partial guest, it is other incidentally baggage, article, use blame through the plane effective certificate buys a ticket, carry an animal to seize the opportunity, aboard jokes or hatchet man machine is " bagatelle affection " . But be these look be like " small " thing, the machine that often leads to expect easily to be less than destroys the catastrophe that the person dies. Have us only the concerned code that each passengers abide by civil aviaton seriously, from these " bagatelle affection " make, ability ensures the life property of plane and passenger is safe.

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