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Wang Yantai people search online booking air tickets, a customer service phone, no one thought it was a hoax. "I requested the money to fight over, the other party even want me making money, then I found myself fooled." Yesterday, the public Wang Mr. Dial 96110, telling his own experience of being cheated. Leave the money failed to be implemented to the public telephone booking 20, Mr. Wang to buy a ticket to Beijing, then the Internet to see if there is no special fares. By Baidu, he was found on the network, a telephone booking. Subsequently, Mr. Wang will dial this phone, check the ticket prices in Yantai to Beijing. Staff told Mr Wang: "Today, only two from Yantai to Beijing's special fares, if you wish to purchase, you need to transfer as soon as possible." "In my impression, many large companies have toll-free number 400 or 800." Mr. Wang said, ticket price is 650 yuan, but the other side, said special ticket for only 410 yuan. Confirm the price, the other urging Mr. Wang quickly transfer, pay later issued to Mr. Wang put e-ticket number, to the airport, with the ID number and e-ticket number will be able to get tickets. Speaking of staff phone southern accent, he was a bit suspicious, but because of worry, so did not think about. Yesterday morning, Mr. Wang went to the bank, for 410 yuan a "ticket money" calls to each other. Cash payments, electronic ticket number was not sent, followed by Wang and call the other phone, the other says still need to pay 5 dollar processing fee. "When the general booking, ticket money is enough at first intercourse, insurance and handling, how to pay this fee even separate?" Mr. Wang played a confused mind, then it might feel cheated. Subsequently requested a refund call, "the other said no problem starting the same day to be back, but I waited a day, did not return to again make the call, the other one was me, have a direct hook." Helplessness Under Mr. Wang had to the police. Telephone reservations official website best selection of airlines Press the phone number provided by Mr. Wang to play in the past, where the other party that can book tickets. Finally, a reporter asked which airline the other side, how can the time of booking where the other party hang up the phone. This reporter learned that the airline will use the normal booking procedures for third-party online payment platform or bank transactions, allowing users by way of direct remittance transactions, the public should be more careful. In addition, in order to secure tickets, we recommend the public directly in the civil aviation ticket office, ticket booking, in case you need a refund, Meal, to be convenient than telephone bookings. If the booking must be by phone, please also check the airline's official public website.
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