9 per ticket is not the norm

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Online shows, Shenyang, Shijiazhuang, flying only 9 per ticket. Selling price of airline tickets has become cabbage, not the rule. Not all tickets are sold cabbage price, not the season ticket price will buy into the cabbage, not airlines ticket selling price of cabbage. Off-season discount tickets international civil aviation convention, discounted tickets are also reflected in the number of flights to the ebb and flow of passengers, 9 per ticket up to the airline's sales strategy, can not afford to buy a 9 per ticket for a flight with a few 9 per ticket, not spectators and outsiders can break. Needed reminder that is more important than ticket sales services, airlines should do a good job, security, punctuality, passengers truly as God, no torment, no fraud, no prevarication, no scolding, no restrictions, so that travel into joyful journey of passengers. Conflicts between flight attendants are now the focus of more defects from the airline, do not repent. With the deepening of civil aviation reform, a variety of economic sectors involved in civil aviation, routes increased, flight-intensive, people travel convenient. At the same time, good and bad, was traced to disputes from time to time in quite a mixed bag, contradiction, litigation, conflict, and one incentive for passengers not only unreasonable fear, too, just more than public opinion that the Civil Aviation (airlines, airports, etc.) Diandaqike, under the guise of security does not respect for the dignity of passengers, and interests. In addition to no compensation for delayed flights, no services, "flawed" outside, can not be ignored is that a number of civil aviation "soft injury" is also quite criticism. Some airlines without reducing service standards, reduce air meal standards, or even reduce, delay of water supply services; some airports should be provided to the public services, basic services, increase fees and charges, and even high charges; into all domestic airports everywhere selling, soliciting passengers waiting, rest, boarding places are cut to a minimum, foot room, gift shop occupy the best space; a bowl of instant noodles, 20 yuan, 30 yuan a pack of biscuits, the airport has become Zhicijiagao consumption synonyms. These are the kills passenger air of tolerance, affect people's assessment of civil aviation. From the perspective of passengers, ticket prices and services should be directly related to, ticket discount, buy cheap sales, service can not be discounted, down. From the air, the reheat off-season market, the pursuit of profit maximization, some not engage in illegal selling point, gimmick too. 9 per ticket ticket sales from time to time the norm, good service is the most normal practice should have basic skills.

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