Hainan Airlines website "music people" discount airline tickets as low as 1.9

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The author from Hainan Airlines (Hainan Airlines Company Limited, referred to as "HNA") understand that in order to repay the majority of the support site naval customers, from November 26 this year, to January 15, 2011, Hainan Airlines through the official website ( www.hnair.com) introduced early booking specials - "happy people", offer the lowest available airfare to 1.9 fold. Currently, Hainan Airlines official website announced the product rules are as follows: 1, 3 weeks prior to departure (ie 22 days including and beyond) ticket, can enjoy the preferential price of 1.9 fold; 2, in the 2 weeks prior to departure (ie to 21 days with 15 days inclusive), can enjoy the preferential price of 2.9 fold; 3, 1 week prior to departure (ie, with 8 days to 14 days inclusive), 3.9 fold can enjoy the preferential price. The product is HNA, covering almost all domestic flights self-Link, take the form of a daily run, the daily delivery route and number are different. Faced with a popular aviation market, so the special offer feedback activity is very rare. According to naval personnel, special offers ticket changes in the ticket, refund, transfer, etc. have signed special requirements, and the limited number of special fares, flight details, ticket login required as confirmation of Hainan Airlines official website www.hnair.com This product is unique to Hainan Airlines official website, take online payment, online purchase.

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