Cheap flights from Hangzhou to Guangzhou cheaper than train berth

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With winter approaching, the aviation industry into the traditional low season. Yesterday, reporters learned that from the Xiaoshan airport, civil aviation ticket office, the majority of airline tickets starting staged high-profile "diving", the minimum discount as low as 3 fold. Part of the site's ticket even cheaper than train berth. But it is worth noting that, although most low fares airline, but a lot of restrictions, generally about a week in advance booking in order to get the lowest discount airfare. Ticket after the Expo Times "Expo" effect disappears Come to an end with the Shanghai World Expo, the Expo will serve as hot spots of Hangzhou, air ticket sales role in promoting the disappearance of the aviation market gradually cool down. The Beijing line, for example, the Expo last week was 7.5 minimum discount ticket discount fare of 860 yuan, and by November 1 to 7, that is, the first week after the Expo, there have been 5.5 fold the ticket price 630 yuan. Currently, the Hangzhou to Beijing ticket prices as low as 3 fold 350. Guangzhou Asian Games did not bring higher ticket Into the Asian Games is hot Line, but to Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the ticket prices did not rise. Xiaoshan airport, civil aviation ticket office data show that the flights to Guangzhou, Hangzhou, November 1 -7 at the lowest fare is 420 (4 fold), November 8-14 at the lowest fare for 420 (4 fold .) In some ticket booking website, or even 290 yuan of special fares, more than a berth in Hangzhou to Guangzhou (345 yuan) is even lower. Similarly, the Hangzhou to Shenzhen ticket prices relatively low, about 4 discount tickets are common. Floods in the waning impact of a slight rebound in Sanya flights "October, floods in Sanya, Hainan Province caused a huge influence on the tourism market, but also so that ticket prices continue to decline in Sanya. But floods are gradually disappearing now, with the arrival of winter, Sanya, ticket prices have rebounded slightly." civil aviation ticket office staff said. Earlier this month, Hangzhou to Sanya, the lowest fare of 530 yuan (3 fold), while the current minimum fare has been increased to 700 yuan (4 fold).

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