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Hua Kai night, residents will park in the nearby office buildings; the day, white-collar and then pulled into the office area, two cars "wrong time" stop a car parking space. Recently, the first in the city's Chaoyang District, launched the "wrong time stop," Lee White-collar people in residential and office with the time difference, "activate" parking spaces, effectively alleviate the parking problems the old district. Built in the 80s of last century a small off No. 45 North residents of 328 homes total, of which more than 100 families require long-term parking in the area, and the entire area can hold up to 80 vehicles. In the evening, street corner and building Road, all full of cars before. Over the years, residents compete to share parking spaces, and some even secretly installed to lock the enclosure in the area, as vehicle traffic and parking problems caused by conflicts and disputes occur from time to time. Area at the entrance of the century Hing Building, the source of nearly 50 parking spaces, idle every night, but not enough parking spaces during the day. After both parties to take "wrong time stop", the daily 8 am to 18 when the parking area open to the world Jixing Yuan building vehicles; 18 am to 8 am the next day, the World Jixing Yuan Building, parking is allowed district residents. To facilitate the management, both sides produced a number of vehicle passes issued to community residents and white-collar office, the holder only parking. "Not only increased the parking spaces, parking fees are not received a penny, the effect is very obvious." An Xiaofeng, director of small neighborhood community relations, said implementation of the "wrong time stop," more than three months, with little off because the community did not happen grab parking Lead to disputes, residents take the initiative to remove the lock is installed without permission. Zhang Chaoyang District, the new Social Affairs Office, said, "wrong time stop" is now off in a small, outward, Xianghe Park street pilot, the next step is also expected to be Pieces of mature gradually extended to other areas, "is expected to effectively alleviate the parking of two to three percent of the pressure."

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