Shawan County Be careful! Online discount tickets there are traps

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Recently, Shawan County Public Security Bureau received a number of people reported that tickets purchased on-line fraud. August 30, Ms. Liu in a website of special fares, ticket ordering the search to a phone, ready to order two September 12 tickets by the Urumqi to Xi'an. The staff designated account to their transfer to Liu 1440 yuan. Liu transfer shortly after the call, said the staff must again by 1454 yuan (including 14 handling fee) system was recognized. Staff said, received 1454 yuan, the system will automatically return Liu sinks before the 1440 yuan. Ms Lau did, and after not contact each other again, she realized fooled, Shawan County Public Security Bureau immediately to the police. Preliminary statistics, in August to September, Shawan County to buy air tickets online deception cases occurred in 4 cases, deceived with the highest amount of up to 6,600 yuan. Police suggest crime officers generally in large travel sites, portals and other fake "XX airline Internet booking sites", published information on cheap airline tickets, to lure victims fooled. The masses to raise awareness of prevention, to the regular ticket purchase tickets. Purchase tickets online, try to use "Alipay" like the pay platform, and in view to the airline ticket or call after confirmation of payment.

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