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This time is low season, plus this year's global financial turmoil, civil aviation market in a depression phenomenon. Reporter yesterday learned from several large ticket center, ticket prices down so badly the past few days, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and other places to fly there a discount ticket vote.

Fu tickets yesterday to the city center booked a ticket from Hangzhou to Guangzhou, the result was told that the cheapest ticket is a ticket discount, that is the full price of 1,050 yuan a ticket, kick off after the required 105 yuan , together with 150 domestic fuel surcharge and airport construction costs 50 yuan, a total of 305, rounded to the end of 310 yuan. "I often run in Guangzhou, if not get off so cheap ticket, be a good deal."

This reporter has learned, the most recent period, lower than the discount tickets, "mostly low season with fewer people traveling, coupled with the financial crisis, it is very powerful ticket discount." Center of Shaoxing County Tourist Ticket Chen told reporters, as ticket prices low, so now is a good time to travel.

There are also cheap flights to Shenzhen and Beijing, the minimum discount is 2 fold. And from Hangzhou to flights around the country are basically 3 discount tickets, and some airline tickets and even cheaper than the train.

In addition to domestic air tickets, overseas flights ticket prices also fell. Hangzhou to Europe as long as 3,600 yuan fare (excluding tax), while the normal price of 5,000 yuan or more basic. Hangzhou to Hong Kong to maintain the fare most of the yuan in 1300, prices are usually around 1,400 yuan.

Significant decline in ticket prices, but fuel surcharges have been maintained at high levels. To this end, the person expected to drop due to current oil prices, may make the aircraft's fuel surcharge decrease. In fact, in recent days, Air China, China Southern part of the fuel surcharges on international routes have begun to fall.

Last November, the international crude oil price of 80 dollars / barrel, the domestic fuel surcharge of 800 km or less 60 yuan / person, 800 km above 100 yuan / person. Now the domestic fuel surcharge of 800 km or less 80 yuan / person, 800 km above 150 yuan / person, while the international crude oil prices have now fallen below 60 U.S. dollars, so the day fuel surcharge reduction should be also around the corner.

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