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Net of civil aviaton resource on September 23, 2008 message: To be advanced further " leader force promotion and employee quality develop " the job, in Inc. of China International aviation (Air China Limited, the following abbreviation " country boat " ) Chongqing branch interior advocates advanced management concept, build the good study atmosphere of active enterprising, be in for employee routine while the opportunity that offers new knowledge of more study and contact, structure of perfect employee knowledge and promotion are integrated quality, boat Chongqing branch was in the country to held first phase on September 19 " handler growing estrade " .

During opening altar, boat Chongqing branch invited the country institute of cadre of management of Chinese civil aviaton Dean Tian Baohua made a problem be " macroscopical economy and analysis of trend of civil aviaton development " lecture, brought vivid, reality to everybody deep one class. After Long Jiang of branch general manager, vise general manager fine jade, more than 50 people of senior manager and leader of area each unit attended departmental door the study of this estrade.

Cropland dean took everybody to review the course that Chinese civil aviaton reforms above all, undertook be combinged systematically to the government is reformed and managing innovation, the economy that combines macroscopical economy to developed theory to analyse our country next grows a situation, unscrambled current United States deep for everybody second a series of economic heat problems that borrow crisis place to cause, introduced to change from academic level finally relevant knowledge of management and content. Make everybody more deep through grooming ground understanding and the grim situation that ponder over civil aviaton course of study to develop place to be faced with, clarity looks for accurate oneself fixed position, coach with scientific method and train of thought the job is carried out.

It is reported, country boat Chongqing branch with " estrade " fashion innovation grooms form, " estrade " the new platform that as information direct, resource shares, aim to pass nonsked the form that invites the expert scholar that has experience to hold special subject lecture to the company, transmit forward position knowledge, unscramble development theme, impart successful experience, let each administrator be below the circumstance that never leave home, can enjoy fresh, useful knowledge, the development of the promotion that is leadership and individual quality offers safeguard of mental power, thought and intellective support. From September the last ten-day of a month begins, around move " leader force promotes " of theme of this one center " estrade " will begin in succession.


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