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Net of civil aviaton resource on September 19, 2008 message: Train flow for field of further regulation model for painting, eliminate this field to train medium safe hidden trouble, the job that purify trains in this field puts the blind angle that be in on flow, department of flight of boat southwest branch makes the country especially the following and relevant measure, to this field henceforth training work height takes seriously, strict requirement of high level of do one's best:

It is the constituent leader that each group should strengthen this pair of field to train, should be made and perfect this field to train working sheet further;

2 it is to strengthen this field to train aircrew to prepare to be able to work, by organization of a large body of this field trains aircrew to hold aircrew to prepare to meet, the time that preparation can hold must not be later than before takeoff time 4 hours;

3 it is the content that preparation must fulfil this field to train working sheet one by one on the meeting, need fibrous root occupies the characteristic of training content, course and new student, make clear each regulation in training and requirement, must make clear the division of labor of flight teacher and student, must make clear the responsibility of each flight teacher;

4 it is to strengthen special situation to deal with preparation, must have done special affection deals with beforehand case, to ensure special the flight that condition issues affection is safe, must assure to have the flight teacher of at least two above on machine;

5 it is to flying to prepare level directly, must arrange teacher of a flight to be in charge of a plane exterior examination, cheer, the operation of door of cabin safety inspection, cabin and slide works, flight student must undertake in the ability below the teacher's monitoring above is operated;

6 it is to be in flight process, each flight teacher must reasonable arrangement is good each job, carry out standard operating sequence strictly, had mastered let go quantity, cogent strengthen responsibility heart and superintendency strength, put an end to the happening of abnormal condition.

(writer unit: Country department of flight of boat southwest branch)


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