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Net of civil aviaton resource on September 19, 2008 message: The 29th Olympic Games that attract worldwide attention concludes satisfactorily at was in Beijing a few days ago. During the Olympic Games, inc. of China International aviation (Air China Limited, the following abbreviation " country boat " ) employee of cadre of collectivity of department of southwest branch flight is mixed according to the deploy of share of boat of bureau of Chinese civil aviation, country and southwest branch requirement, pass real operation and indefatigable effort, the success that is an Olympic Games is held made positive contribution. Class of Ao Hang of flight department experience is cogent accomplished it is normal to move, safeguard is strong, assured flight safety and air defence safety, only charter flight task is finished satisfactorily, harbor of turnover of big family member is smooth.

Since September 6, department of flight of boat southwest branch enters the country abstruse meeting carries incomplete safeguard job phase. As a result of the Olympic Games from harbor and incomplete the arrival of abstruse meeting height jackknife, want to realize the fast changeover of both, the staff member that fights to successive, exhaustion has very great pressure, also be a kind of test. During to incomplete in the Olympic Games abstruse meeting ensures working changeover, flight department ensured an unit to accomplish the height on the thought to take seriously each, fulfil on the job reach the designated position, overcome paralytic, lax thought, during summing up the Olympic Games seriously, safeguard airliner production moves the experience with flight safety, ensure a characteristic in the light of the disabled, perfected measure, ensured arrive from inside sky related the ground the safety of flow. Flight department is cogent accomplished an orgnaization to be not removed, force is not decreased, the level does not fall, measure is not loose: To incomplete the flight safety work of abstruse meeting holds to 5 mechanisms to be not loosened, ensure good damage the flight during abstruse meeting is safe; To incomplete abstruse meeting security works, accomplished height to take seriously, fulfil security demand and measure in the round, offer service of high grade and efficient security, abstruse meeting torch delivers elaborate tissue good damage the job; To incomplete abstruse meeting servive routine, on the foundation that has done special service, raise service quality further.

Abstruse meeting carries incomplete safeguard standard is special, difficulty is greater, department of flight of boat southwest branch sums up the country seriously the Olympic Games ensures experience, through the Olympic Games safeguard job promotes flight department safety of safe to flying construction, air defence further the canal that each key such as construction and flight style construction works accuses a level, make persistent efforts ensure incomplete abstruse meeting and Olympic Games are likewise wonderful.
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