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Client relation manages the result that is aviation market competition, the constant passenger of course of study of civil aviaton of United States of 80 time initial stage serves its traceable, to 90 time evolve to be faithfulness of service of the analysis that includes data of phone service center, client, client, education to spend first etc, form finally " it is a center with the client " the academic system that is core.

In domestic industry course of study of our civil aviaton is earlier introduce with accept this one theory, often can see on a lot of newspapers and periodicals inside course of study " it is a center with the client " , client relation manages or service of CRM, constant passenger is waited a moment, but we discover its effect fares badly. As contrary as this, domestic other industry accepts this one theory at the back of us. Be like: Bank, telecommunications, they are opposite not only now what do to the client's service is the client's management, stronger than us, and still have a lot of innovation, the difference with both very bigger than forming look. The author thinks, beyond the has system to go up besides civil aviaton reason that causes this one difference, know to the core problem of CRM inside course of study greatly not clear, understanding is not close, be opposite especially " it is a center with the client " " client " understanding. For this, article solicit comments understands truly " it is a center with the client " " client " this one problem is made discuss.

One, must make clear " it is a center with the client " be historical development is inevitable, civil aviaton enterprise must with when all is entered

Countless facts prove, today's aviation market has been not former times comparing today, not be not to want any more in intense market competition " it is a center with the client " how to undertake better however " it is a center with the client " , "It is a center with the client " the essence that becomes market competition not only, and the foundation that has become an enterprise to live.

We can see the management contrail of development of market of make a comprehensive view and enterprise, the company is right " client " understanding, from it is a center with product, quality, sale, work up develops a process to what be a center with the client.

The business management in the tradition and in management concept, "Client " the asset that is not enterprise interior, only the ability such as workshop, equipment, cash, stock, bond is the asset of the enterprise, "Client " ignorred position is in in business management of enterprise. Below condition of this one history, the enterprise is known to the client, regard oneself as the use person of the product merely, what do I produce what do you use. This is the first step of the management concept of the enterprise. As a result of the rapid development of productivity, the competition of the market is more and more intense, the enterprise begins to pay attention to the quality of the product, the product with only good quality just has the market. The management concept of the enterprise turns to the quality that pays attention to a product, enter the 2nd step. As the development of science and technology and market, the technology is the camp that the company competes no longer, many new product is ceaseless emerge in large numbers, supply demand relations produces simple change, beg for be more than, product sale does not go out to browbeat already badly of the enterprise live, the enterprise must take a sale seriously, the management concept of the enterprise begins to be a center in order to sell, enter the 3rd step. As a result of the occurrence of the computer and IT, arrived especially 20 centuries later period, knowledge and economic be in harmony are an organic whole, the tide of intellectual economy appears with what serve economy, the diaphaneity that the market competes is clearer and clearer, competitive method and sale method are become " open secret " , the management concept of the enterprise produces simple change again, discovery is the most important on the market, the most crucial figure or " client " , the enterprise begins to take seriously " client " , from contented client (client) demand, arrive strive for and tarry client; Spend pursuit faithfulness from the satisfaction that goes after a client; Consume the lifelong value that goes after a client from what pay attention to a client, form the system of Wu of service concept kimono that one a complete set of perfects in the round stage by stage. "It is a center with the client " become concept of experience of a kind of company not only, and the experience that becomes company success.
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