The weather is cold...

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The weather is cold...

"The winter already stood, the day turns cold, bird language escape is aeriform; 100 beautiful wither, 1000 Lin Huang, not forget to add clothes. " this is the short message that a good friend sends to me.

Be, imperceptible in, entered a thousand li again the argent world of 10 thousand lis of icebound, Xue Piao.

At the moment, I think, we are necessary to discuss discuss ice and snow to reach its to prevent to the influence of flight safety.

On December 27, 1968, some airline plane of a DC9, because did not get rid of,the ice on wing took off, happen when receiving landing gear boil turn and crash.

On January 13, 1982, some airline plane of a B727, takeoff instruction waits to amount to 50 minutes below snowy circumstance, the climb after taking off is difficult, on the bridge that bumps in front, in developing water at a draught.

On Feburary 15, 1985, some airline plane of a DC9, there is ice to did not get rid of about on wing, after taking off, two engine produce asthma Zhen Zhui to destroy.

On December 27, 1991, some airline plane of a MD, stay about 30 minutes below the circumstance of snowfall, did not take off except snow. In rising, take off fallen to put on the ice from wing by two engine inspiratory, must crash.

On March 5, 1993, some airline plane of a F100, because there is ice on wing, stall sex happens to boil in takeoff process turn, uncontrollable and crash.


On November 28, 2004, plane of challenger of a Pang Badi is in some airline American crash. The pace investigates discovery first, the atmosphere condition at that time makes the surface on wing was formed probably accumulate ice.

Came 1986 1998, because of the world that Xue Hebing causes civil plane accident has 42 cases, among them 18 it is the accident that happens when take off. Only these 18 accidents cause 323 people to die.

Area of the watch on wing puts pollution on the ice, why can you form so big safe menace to flying? If the surface on wing appears to accumulate ice it is thus clear that in great quantities, will cause performance of plane air motive force to be reduced significantly, cause it is difficult to operate. Experiment according to wind tunnel: Diametical 1-2 millimeter namely only the grain of salt size, make an appointment with every square centimeter one distributings to go up in wing the surface, cause the surface on wing coarse, can make lift is in two kinds of conditions issue ground effect and free air loss 22% with 33% .

If the area of the degree of stockpile of the ice of the surface on left, right wing, snow, frost, pollution is abhorrent, cause size of or so lift necessarily different, lift difference is formed to plane x-axis roll torque apparently, in takeoff process, plane speed is original not quite, invariability is bad, once rolled torque to exceed steering force quadrature, below the circumstance of low height, minor rate, big load, will escape very hard the destiny of a crash.
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