Reason looks fall into disuse

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Reason looks fall into disuse

Civil aviaton total bureau is in aviation made clear in safe working report 2004 point out: "Want to maintain measurable training to fall into disuse to lead and wait for hillock rate. " objective law of training of this since esteem, fulfil " safety first " of guiding ideology specific reflect, it is airline fosters the talent, external demand that enhances market competition ability effectively more. Because flight post is right quality such as of the person " perception becomes aware " , " thinking and judgement " , " the memory in sky and flight space are directional " , " watchful allocation and move " , " operate ability " with " mood and volition " , common feature says even if impersonal person suits to do a flight. In the process that undertakes flying training by objective law, decisive discriminate, the comrade that washs out travel of those not appropriate Yu Fei, it is to go up to be opposite to the country people, fall to be opposite to the enterprise of the individual be in charge of actively. Traditional " do not let brother of a class drop out " catchword, affection is laudable law paltrily, cannot regard flight post as do not enter those who go out only " safe " . If more or less to go to be able to be dug character,go up in the flight, want decisive change do other the profession that has a future more; Post of technical short of asks, should wait for hillock to enter new round of aggrandizement grooms.

This ability is the fact is begged yes scientific manner.

Factitious element brought about the flight accident that happen to be occupied 70% the left and right sides. QAR coding monitoring makes clear, coding incident comparatives in the probability that certain air man appears on the body tall, weak point exists on or technology, character of or flight psychology is put in blemish. A large number of facts explain, below similar flight ambient conditions, be not all air man to be able to produce flight accident. The happening of flight accident, often wait for existence character flaw to having immediate impact with air man physiology and psychological state. Individual character is expression on one individual body those often, stable, essential psychological feature. The requirement of the characteristic of psychology of certain individual character of air man and flight activity does not suit, facilitate more easily below certain condition flight accident catenary. The blemish of psychology of the following individual character causes flight accident easily:

Slow. Perception, thinking and movement move all slower, cannot catch up with the rhythm with flight activity fast insecurity, driving usually the plane is very demanding, encounter complex case often cannot deal with and get into trouble. Because cognitive ability is mixed,this kind of blemish basically is operate ability development level is inferior, some also is mixed poorly with knowledge the technology is rawish about.

Inflexible. Simple, onefold flight operates the movement forms motivation easily to finalize the design, but all sorts of skill too become rigid, combine harder, lack changes along with specific requirement and change the ability of meet an emergency of skill. When flight condition is normal, the flight operates the action is possible very standard, when travel condition changes suddenly, Dan Fei does not know flexible or won't flexible, often with changeless should 10 thousand change and appear grave flight deviation, or deal with to special situation the mistake brings about flight accident.
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