A few errors that client relation manages

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Client relation manages traceable 80 time are prime. Client relation manages the time that the concept introduces China to had had several years, many domestic companies are right the concept of CRM already from general understanding or understanding, develop those who be p reaper to carry out level gradually, there is no lack of among them have the case with a lot of distinct effect. But also a few enterprises throw many manpower, material resources, financial capacity to this. Its effect fares badly, chase after its reason author to think to exist in applying a process actually a few errors:

One, the error that goes up to CRM understanding

The essence of market economy is competition, below the condition of intellectual economy and market whole world, market competition develops the competition that is a service. Want to be in the aviation market environment of ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye as an enterprise the administrative idea that the remain invincible must rely on modernization and administrative measure, the effectively in-house resource to the enterprise and exterior resource undertake conformity, and the occurrence ability of concept of client relationship management makes the enterprise can observe its are external in the round truly client natural resources. In the meantime, he changed the management of the enterprise and operation mode not only, also affected industry competition ability forthrightly. This, a few lead companies of foreign had been us to make model.

Relation of foreign business client manages successful experience to tell us, CRM is a kind of advanced sale shift not only, more important is a kind of advanced sale government idea. It is from management concept, organization flow of strategy of framework, client, company, informatization plans, each sides such as performance are right enterprise of one a complete set of is managed run mode, a kind of method that Wu of constant travel customer service is it only or a kind of product. Its core idea and main purpose are to pass these methods or product, the client the enterprise (include final client, cent to sell business and partner) as the most important company natural resources, the client service of gone be apt to and thorough client analysis will satisfy the client's demand, those who assure implementation client is lifetime value. Ground of be practical and realistic says, the understanding that we manage to client relation far short of this one deepness. On this one understanding dilettante bring about us when introducing CRM, just introduce its method and did not introduce its thought. We almost the client relationship management that bolt ground copied foreign company, in the service to the client, dog to be in low administrative levels to go up all the time etc. As a result of the congenital inadequacy that knows to CRM, up to now what the understanding that a few big companies manage to client relation appears special is dilettante. Make this job induces well without the person greatly, arrange. Even if is the job that somebody did a few this respects, also remain dribs and drabs, 0 broken, cannot form ideology at all, more the thought that does not talk to go up to abstract it into the enterprise. Reason CRM appears pale in the market, body does not have fetch, due action is less than since.
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