Discuss civil aviaton freight to serve market efficiency to be opposite the acti

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Discuss civil aviaton freight to serve market efficiency to be opposite the action that deepens CEPA system

Macao civil aviaton learns a vice-president

Dr. Tang Jizong

On June 5, 2006


Review the past 10 years, total output value of Macao this locality (GDP) was cast off since 2000 1998 reach the 1999 negative growth that appear two years continuously, the industrial structure that the amplitude 2004 achieved what the height; of 28.3% is accompanied nevertheless and come is place further the line of business of entertainment rich variety to tertiary industy tilts. By production the law was reached 2004 with in those days the price is estimated GDP structure, " public sector, entertainment rich colour and other service line of business " the proportion that occupies achieved 54.4% .

Macao special zone and Chinese inland were signed on October 17, 2003 " the arrangement that inland and Macao concern about building trade of more close together classics " agreement (CEPA) of the following abbreviation, and on January 1, 2004 only then apply. One of purposes that system of this market unifinication builds with Macao special zone in the center of are a hope but thereby avoids Macao industry structure too unit change, achieve the target that stimulative place economy can grow continuously.

However, since be being carried out from CEPA, data shows related the basis, be opposite besides free administration plan this bay the contribution of tourism is relatively remarkable besides, trade of service of the others concerned major, goods commerce and the contributive of short duration that attract tripartite to wait for a domain in investment of trade of colour of blame travel rich did not see outstanding. The reason in the center is diversity, remain to write Wen Zunxiang to discuss research finely again in the future; And the relation that this report tries to serve market efficiency to discuss its and CEPA system from freight of Macao civil aviaton, hope thereby puts forward proposal of a few policy, the purpose is the efficiency that the civil aviaton freight that the hope is lending improvement our region serves the market, in order to deepen the effect that overall to Macao economy contributes CEPA system.

Keyword: Civil aviaton freight serves system of collaboration of market unifinication area

Freight of one Macao civil aviaton serves market general situation

As unifinication of global economic and trade activity development and iformation flow connect speed to accelerate, bring about market demand ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye, shortened the lifecycle of the product and aggravate the competition between the enterprise. If supply catenary the resource of each link and semi-manufactured goods, and supply catenary extreme to deliver to finished product the content of ultimate consumer sheds the market deserve to send lack efficiency, fail to drive reach consumer of the service before decline or be over is in in product lifecycle in the hand, this means a product to supply an opportunity that the original hope price to the product is realized by sum to will be reduced considerably.
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