Liu Kongtong word is begged protect true

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Liu Kongtong word is begged protect true

Before paragraph time, the member that because air man misunderstands control,some airport ever had happened one case dictates and bring about plane weak point is 5 edges, low the incident that high answer flies to. This is one is worth the personage inside course of study to share analysed safe information. The author cites this example, it is to be based on a kind of such concepts: Aviation is insecure incident, it is the precious fortune that paid safe cost. Through anatomizing, induce and statistic this kind of incident, the depth that can discover to exist on systematic safety second reason, make up for perfect system blemish then, in order to achieve the purpose that promotional and safe abundant spends.

One, through

That day, the airport by south move north. Control tower control member direct beforehand case it is arrangement A001 airliner plane is in enter touchdown B002 machine and entering close C003 take off between machine. When B002 arrives at track to enter the mouth, c003 in 5 edges 14 kilometers are in. 13 when 17 minutes, after B002 lands, a001 enters track and had done takeoff preparation. Control member when releasing takeoff instruction to A001, c003 is apart from track head 8.5 kilometers; A001 begins to slip when running, c003 is apart from track head 6 kilometers. Right now, c003 begins to contact control tower with English. Control member direct C003: "C003 Continue Approach, caution Your Speed " , because C003 is apart from track head when 7 kilometers, control member had noticed its ground fast show for 425 kilometers / hour, be more than normal value apparently, considering enter near rate bigger, it is difficult that exterior configuration installs the plane, likely cannot normal be born, control member remind C003: "C003 If You Go Around, maintain Runway Heading And... " aircrew replies: "Roger, go Around C003. " control member tell aircrew instantly: "Negative, if Go Around... (convert immediately subsequently Chinese communicates) if you answer fly, maintain 900 meters, maintain at the same time. " C003 replies: "Good, maintain at the same time, maintain 900 meters, c003. " when control member confirm to its further: "Are you to want answer fly? " C003 replies: "I already answer flew. " right now C003 is apart from track head 4 kilometers, the ground fast 390 kilometers / hour.

2, analyse

1, C003 aircrew existence runs not rigorous phenomenon. Determine according to radar its are apart from track head when 7 kilometers, the ground fast still be as high as 425 kilometers / hour, so big enter near rate, it is normal to be built impossibly into close configuration, go against those who build stability to enter close condition. Enter close graph according to this airport (5B) , this speed is in initiative into close dot (this field of R187 ° D25.0 VOR/DME) be apart from track head namely 46 kilometers part is relatively normal. On the speed monitoring of C003 plane, the member that enter close control also has the place that is worth self-criticism. As we have learned, this airport ATC runs normative regulation: Room of control entering the arena turns over speed to not be more than 390 kilometers to control tower / hour (radar shows the ground fast) aerostat. The member that enter close control is entered in control C003 close when, fail to be directed by the regulation and monitoring its move speed small to normal value, cross big case to fall apparently into near rate in the plane however, turn over the plane control tower, is not as harmonious as control tower, plane of C003 of seasonable break down is entered close or instruction its answer fly, the member that cause control tower control is not clear to mastering inside the particular case short time of the plane.
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